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    All-staff Marketing Concept

      To achieve integrated marketing, the company is combining various marketing methods and factors such as products, pricing, distribution channels, and promotional strategies in an organic manner. In the end, the goal is to create a culture of marketing that permeates every level of the organization, from individual employees to daily operations, both internally and externally. By doing so, the company can create maximum value for its customers and achieve a mutually beneficial outcome for the enterprise, market, employees, and customers.

      The company is dedicated to breaking through key technological barriers and achieving domestic production of high-purity electronic specialty gas products, replacing imported products. The company prioritizes market demand as the main driver for product development, with customer satisfaction as the starting point for sales and services.?Quality control is implemented throughout the entire process to ensure high-purity product delivery, while management processes are continuously optimized. The company follows a development strategy of "focusing on one group, conducting R&D on another group, and achieving breakthroughs on yet another group," continuously introducing new products and building product clusters, with the aim of becoming a leader in the silicon-based electronic product industry. The company aims to replace imported basic raw materials with Chinese ones in the integrated circuit and optical communication industries, and to establish itself as a world-class comprehensive service provider of high-end fundamental materials.


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