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    Company Profile


      China Silicon Corporation Ltd. (SINOSICO) was established in 2003 with a registered capital of 1,057 million yuan. Now, the company has about 900 employees. It is a subsidiary of the central government-owned enterprise China Minmetals Corporation, and its major shareholder is CHINA ENFI. SINOSICO is specialized in the production, R&D and sales of high purity polysilicon, high purity silicon tetrachloride, electronic gas and other silicon-based materials, as well as the provision of technology services. We have been awarded more than 30 awards including "Excellent Innovative Enterprise of China's Electronic Information Industry", "High-Tech Enterprise", "Innovative Leading Enterprise of Henan Province", "Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Awards", "China Invention Patent Gold Award" and "Nomination of National Industry Award".

      Since inception, SINOSICO has always adhered to scientific and technological innovation as the first driver of development. So far, we have set up one national engineering research center for silicon-based material preparation technology, two provincial research and development platforms and one post-doctoral research station. We have successively undertaken 22 national key projects, including "863 Program", "Science and Technology Support Program", "Special Project for the Revitalization and Technological Transformation of Key Industries", "Industry Foundation Reinforcement Project", and "Special Project for reconstruction of Industrial Foundation and High-Quality Development of Manufacturing". Many of the project results make up for blanks in China, for which the company has been granted 218 patents. SINOSICO led the formulation of 54 international, national and industrial standards. We pioneered technology with independent intellectual property rights to break technology blockade and market monopoly by foreign countries. SINOSICO has driven the development of PV new energy industry in Luoyang City and even whole Henan Province, and promoted China's polysilicon industry to evolve from zero to one and then to dominance in the global market. In recent years, SINOSICO, taking "Improve China's Weak Links in Basic Materials" as its mission, has striven to make breakthroughs in stranglehold technologies in response to national strategic needs. So far, we have developed a variety of high-end silicon-based materials, which have been successfully applied in integrated circuit and optical communication enterprises. Our products are not only import substitutes, but also exported to South Korea and Taiwan. SINOSICO has become a competitive and influential electronic information material manufacturer at home and abroad.

      During the "14th Five-Year-Plan" period, SINOSICO unswervingly implements the new development concept, and seeks high-quality development. Following the development ideas of "high-end, multi-variety, small-batch and high-yield", SINOSICO focuses on developing silicon-based materials required by integrated circuit and optical communication industries, steadily expands to the related technical fields, and continuously enriches its high-end product portfolio. We are committed to building a national prospective basic material innovation center and production base.

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    ADDRESS:No.1 Mudan Avenue West Road, Luolong Science and Technology Park, Luolong District, Luoyang City, Henan Province